Four04 Technologies has a dedicated team focused on the development and implementation of films and processes for its customers.


Four04 has been integral to the development of Evap packaging, a revolutionary MVTR material. Evap extends the shelf life of fresh produce and is biodegradable to the EU EN13432 standard. Four04 is the only nominated UK supplier of this material.

Evap is a great example of our commitment to our CSR policy of reducing our carbon footprint.

For more information about how Evap is used within fresh produce, please follow the link to Four04 Fresh Solutions.


This cast polypropylene film has been designed specifically for the fresh produce market. Capable of performing at low temperatures, this high clarity, high impact material is a 5 layer film, designed to run at high speeds on vertical form-fill & seal packing machines. It fin seals, overlap seals and is suitable for laser perforating.


A multi-functional co-extruded PE designed especially for vertical form-fill & seal packing machines. This film can be both impulse and crimp sealed (constant heat). Its high strength means packers can often down-gauge compared to alternative materials.


Four04 are in partnership with Perfotec, a highly accurate and consistent laser perforation system. Perfotec is used within Fresh Solutions as a management system to extend the shelf life of fresh produce.